Plant a tree and watch it grow

I was watching True detective and man that show is good. Matthew Mcconahuey has reached maximum performance, that guy has entered a new level of acting, and it was amazing watching him grow from the u-571 movie to this tv show.

“Plant a tree and watch it grow.” I read that in the psychopath’s bible   written br Dr.Christopher Hyatt a couple of years back. That statement always intrigued me because I wondered what the significance of watching a tree grow was and yet I knew there was a diamond in the rough piece of real knowledge hidden in that act, so what the hell, I did it. I planted a seed and I watched it grow. What you learn, what you learn is the pace that something of value, something real, grows at, and the patience required the facilitate the growth.

let me repeat that; what you learn from watching a tree grow is the pace at which something of value, something real, grows at and the patience required to facilitate the growth.

What has this knowledge done to me so as to bring to the real world. Well today as I recollect this lesson that has become vivid to me today, I Mr.X/Aches, initiate and begin my journey of setting things into motion that will aid me and those around in acquiring more flexibility and power in this world, to one day become who I am in my complete form and beauty. Some might say that putting those few words on paper, or into the abbyss of the internet is enough, or the first step into doing so. So let us see what this brings about.

Setting things into motion, setting things into motion, setting things into motion. What do I want? What do you want?


Do you want to want? as in do you want to want something or do you actually want to do/have/be that which you desire and not talk about wanting it anymore, it may seem very confusing and to me it was confusing as well until one day it clicked, I havent made anything of myself yet, and hey, some people might consider me a failure or a loser, but those whose opinion matters to me know I’m just a little bit unfocused and troubled at the moment, and that I’m getting better with each passing moment, with each passing step.


So this post turned into something strange and I will try to rescue it in a Jimi Hendrix manner, the way he rescues his own songs by taking a strange musical path when playing a song and  where others would fail he somehow brings his music out of trouble and makes it complete and fulfilling. Yes, Jimi Hendrix perfect. Heres a little taste see if you can see what I mean by the words I have written above. How many times did he fail to be able to do this? Does failure even exist?




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