Coffee with butter

So some time ago maybe 4-5 monthes ago I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast where he had a guy who owns Bulletproof Coffee company and he advocates consuming butter as a lasting source of energy.

The reason that I gave this a try is because on Joe’s podcast he wasnt selling his product, he shared a story of how he was climbing a mountain somewhere in Asia and at the top of the mountain he realised he had a kind of energy he never felt before and the only thing he consumed was tea with butter, so, he decided to investigate. With experimenting adding butter to regular meals he noticed he had more of the right or desired energy and it propelled him to losing a bunch of weight and increasing his IQ and also lead into a very productive and constructive life. If you listen to the whole podcast (link here: ) he has a bunch of other wicked things hes experimenting with.

Sooo… I decided to give this butter thing a try. Buttered coffee every morning. I have to admit theres something to it. I’m intensley alert for the duration of 4-5 hours after drinking a quarter cup of coffee with some butter and there is small plane of time -15-45 minutes- where I had to sit down to take in, and relax from all the work ive done in that period and afterwards I was ready to go, not with the same intensity but still it was comfortable enough to work. I’m still learning how to ride it and flow with the energy, and I expect to master in 15-16 monthes.

I have been messing around with butter for about 2-3 monthes now and I think I will continue doing so for a long time. You can use any type of butter, preferrably though, unsalted. Just cut a piece and add it to a hot drink and youre ready. Come to think of it I should experiment with hot milk as well. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, and you have a wonderful day.


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