Magick Does it Exist, and periodical cleansing routines.

So as I was cleaning my closet as part of my second day room cleaning of a seven day process, and I noticed a book, it was a bible.

Let me share the history behind this bible book, it was blue, small, and it was given to me by a person who had deep deep lust for me. I know it may sound like I have a super ego but the deep deep lust part is no overstatement. She was a step below a friend and a notch below a stalker, I ‘ve never experienced a relationship like that in my life before or after its birth. 

I’ve had this bible for about two and a half years the same time things got really weird in my life, I may be suggesting that this book was cursed, or had a spell on it, heck, if you asked me yesterday if I believed in spells and curses, i would answer “yes, I think they exist” but today my answer is ” i dont know”. 

As I picked this book up from my closet this deep subtle emotion of, “oh no, get rid of it” came over me, so I decided to burn it. As I was burning it outside with 6-10 inches of snow -5 degrees celcius, I had excitement and realization like this was a burden on my soul and now it was being destroyed forever, it made me respect and appreciate fire. You may think I am crazy but this event made  me realize that this magick stuff could be for real, it could be something real, the reason why yesterday I would answer “yes im sure curses and spells exist” is because I didnt take it that seriously and I wouldnt think I would ever be a part of it in any way, I’m not totally convinced after this experience and I have to say I will have to read up on this subject and test out the waters.

Overall, this day of my life made me very grateful to this routine that I am doing, cleaning out my room for 7 days and each day I get deeper and deeper into what I get rid of and what I decide to keep, and hundreds of decisions are being made through this week. By the end of it you become a different person, “out with the old in with the new.”

If youve read this youre probably the first and only person to ever read it, I appreciate you because I am just a bum with a computer, and if youve taken the time out your life to read this, please I beg of you, comment, make fun of me, diss me, compliment me, I enjoy it all. Thank you and you have a wonderful day.


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