Were all just falling apart

SO Im a young adult and up to this point I had this idea or a fantasy of how I will grow old become more and more handsome with time and become the most famous and the most glorious person to ever have lived and I would never die. So today I realized most likely none of that will actualize bacuse for that to happen everyone would have to be obsessed with me, and thats not very likely to happen.

Were all just falling apart, our joints, our structure our skin its rotting away, I never want to grow old I would love to stay young forever, but i feel it creeping up to me and a lot of the things I would get away with before I cannot do anymore because everyone looks at me strangely and thats creates a discomfort I do not want to deal with.

So what is the solution is it, long lasting life, is it taking care of yourself eating healthy to squeeze everything out of life. What can we as a human race to to stay young or stay in our prime years as humans for a longer period of time. We need a solution. Immortality?

What would a cure to a human mortality do to us? will we still age in the same way or will it just stop or severely inhibit the aging process, if it does, we better come up with it soon, because Im getting worried (im being funny, I dont think im that important, or do i?). How long will it be until we reach that point? please please please be soon. How much will it cost? 

what is its already available and the price tag on it is 1 billion dollars? damn, they (scientists, company, and other owners) wont make it cheap and they definitely wont make it assesible to the average joe and joanna. 

Lets focus on making that money, us , future billionaires, or as id like to say future immortal billionaire, will be able to decide when we have had enough of life and pull the plug instead of nature doing so.




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