Cleaning out and rearranging your room

So i am in my fourth or fifth day of cleaning out my room and the intensity is getting to me, I am at the point of rearranging some of the things in my room, shelves, desks, items. I am brining back some items from storage that I have prematurely got before instinctively and  are becoming useful now. Things are changing. I am not sure whether this is a result of winter coming to an end here In Calgary Alberta or its just a maturation thing.

I am learning to clean out my room ina better fashion and getting things done. I also started cleaning out my work out place and man theres a lot of work, you have to find a sweet spot of the amount of time and energy youre willing to spend on these things one day at a time. Sleeping four or five hours like the ederly seem to sleep is becoming more and more appealing to me. I need more hours in a day.

At this point I have so much tamed and matured ambition where I know I will do these things; learn to play guitar, start my own  t shirt and pants line (only for myself and close people), start my own soap company, pencil and pen company, etc etc, I would like to own a small cottage or farm one day, and have a few 2-3 cows, and maybe 12 chickens, have someone look after them and spend a day a week on it or a week a month on it. So many goals so many ambitions, and to start I need capital. MONEY. Where do I go?what do i do? forex is appealing, and I would also like something that is perpetual where I dont need to work much once this system is setup and I rake in incredible dough. That seems to be the goal. 

Well, isnt that everyone’s dream. Make it happen, get things into motion, be grateful for what you have, and give everything you have each and every day of your life, and maybe you and I will reach and live our dreams one small step at a time.



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