hard work

A lot of new buzz words are making theire way around and ciculating circles in our societies, and I would like to examine one of them. “not harder but smarter”. This buzz phrase has been circulating the business world and other worlds as well and I feel it is a little bit misleading. It seems this phrase was created by someone lacking skill, and ambition. Hard work is necessary, its mandatory if you want to become successfull at anything. In order to penetrate your deep inner self and really release the beast inside of you, you have to work hard. And with time and *hard *work* you will slowly begin to work smarter as well. “lazyness is just ineffective action”, I agree with this phrase, every action you take requires hard work, and if the action youre taking is not effective enough as in it’s not “hard work” action it will decrease your spirits and make you question what you’re doing. Real action requires hard work, nothing, no, NOTHING, can replace hard work, money can pay for it and money wont buy you a character, hard work will sculpt and chisel yours.

So, the next time you’re at your job or working out or doing whatever, try and penetrate the memberane of your life and work hard.



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