Focusing on the process

I woke up today and immediately began cleaning the kitchen. As I was cleaning the kitchen I put on a video by Owen from RSD. In the video Owen talks about taking action and having faith in the process and thats what I want to talk to you about.

Taking action and having faith in the process. Taking constant and continuous action everyday not looking at your results and having faith that the process will eventually lead you to a life you desire, whatever field you are in.

A lot of times we as people we begin to take action and then we get distracted by results as soon as we get them and we start to boast while forgetting how we got them. This previous sentence is of key importance. Taking action is hard and easy, its menial and its not. Once you find and do what you love, taking action becomes effortless, and you begin to take action and set things, positive things into motion.

To close this off, I read a book called the art of memetics where the authors talk about how you should be on your 10th project when your first one is being recognized, and on your hundredth when your tenth one is being recognized, this continuous outpour of creating will perpetuate your life to the life of your dreams.


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