Making little adjustments Everyday

Some time ago I read this in a book “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”, do you know which one? I completely agree with that sentence. People as individuals make thousands and thousands of choices every single day. That is how you change. Its not the one big change that changes you, its the hundreds, and thousands of the little choices that lead you to the bigger choices and more dramatic changes, and without the little ones you would not reach the point to make those big dramatic changes.

Try this mini exercise: what is one thing that you wish you would stop doing, for me it was watching tv and spending so much time looking at youtube videos. OR find the thing that you want to do more of, for me it was approach and talk to strangers, especially female strangers. Now, write*, just write*, make sure you write this, write and decide on this change, you dont have to necesserily believe in what you are writing, write what you will do less of. So for me it would be; “i Spend less and less time watching tv and youtube videos and I begin to approach female strangers one female stranger at a time” , I wrote this on a piece of paper, if you havent written yours on a piece of paper then “friends: off, man”, were not friends until you do. Now say out loud, slowly, what you have written,  SLOWLY, connect emotionally with every word. Exercise is over, and forget about it, let it sink and disappear forever. If you’ve done it, you are the minority who actually do things, congrats.

The little changes that we make can be as small as pushing you blanket to the opposite side before you get up from bed in the morning.It could be brushing your teeth in a different manner, ie. use your finger once or twice, or if you start with the right side of your teeth do the opposite. Become aware, acutely aware, of the little decisions you make every day, and make sure you adjust accordingly. Most of life happens inches from our bodies, try and visualize that. As im pushing the buttons on the keyboard my fingers are only moving half an inch, as I walk my hands and legs swing only a couple of feet at the most, become aware of that little by little. As you become aware of this idea, that your life is your body, your breath, your movements and a few inches away, you will begin to see how the little adjustments and changes you have done in the past have lead you to the present moment and the person you are today, and you can somewhat control who you will become 5-10 years from today.

“the human body regenerates every 7 years”.


Thank you for your time and YOU have a nice day.


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