Reading aloud

Three days ago I stumbled upon a book I purchased a year ago. It is titled “reading aloud”. I’ve read the first chapter and im trying my best to spend time to learn and understand what the author is trying to teach (there are a couple of pages of exercises and question for the reader to answer at the end of each chapter just like most textbooks). In the first chapter, Parrish (the author’s name) states that reading out loud and reading slowly, taking time to learn the correct pronunciation of the words, leads to more evolved conversational skills and develops a habit by which you can get more out of reading with continuous practice. According to the author, the majority of books are meant to be read; slowly, carefully: and whenever you run into a new idea, you should read it out loud to test its validity to your ears and not just your eyes. The author also states that most poetry is meant for the readers ears and not the eyes, and to enjoy poetry properly, one must develop the skills to be able to read out loud with genuine interest and emotion.


I have only read the first chapter and I have been doing a little bit of work everyday. I’m beginning to see the big picture with this book, because reading used to be easy for me, and now its a challenge every single time I open a book. There is work to be done. I am excited and hopeful. I look forward to writing more posts like these.


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