Grounding. Groundedness.

I went to my first MMA class this year, yesterday,the one before that was in February of 2013. It was a wrestling class from 6:00 pm- 7:15pm, and stand up (its called stand up because its a mixture of all the stand up disciplines, ie. boxing, muay thai, kickboxing) from 7:30- 9:00pm.  I stayed for both classes, IT. WAS. HARD. 

As I was panting and running out of breath a certain aspect of living or being hit me. This blog post will be about my experience in a mma class.

In the standup class, after the warmup exercises, we got to do some mitt work. If you don’t know what mitt work is, it’s an exercise in martial arts where one person holds padded flat planed mitts, and the other person punches them in a specific chosen combination (both people  agreed on the chosen combination). The goal of this exercise, after hundreds and hundreds of punches on mitts, is to be able to execute the combination you have been practising on a real live opponent.

Our mitt work combination in this particular class was: jab, jab, straight hand. As we were doing this combination and switching partners, there was one aspect that stuck out at me.

The beginner practitioners would focus on hitting the mitts, and the more advanced students focused on throwing the punch. This may sound confusing so let me explain.

The beginners got the feeling of reward from landing a solid punch on the mitt, if they missed the target they would stop and the expression on their faces was that of their world being shattered.

The more advanced students never got that look on their faces, they focused on throwing the punches, whether they hit the target or not ( they would hit it with better technique and more consistency than the beginners) they would never look disheartened or have their spirits drop like the beginners did.

The difference between the two is that the more advanced students were grounded and centred in their energy, while the beginners practically gave their power away to the mitt, letting the mitt decide their emotional state.

Could you relate this to your own life? An area, or something that you give your power away to? a person? a movie? a song? or a technological device?

This made me realize that  people relate in the same way o everything around them, some people give their power to other people, leading to symbiotic relationships, while others give their power away to movies and music, leading to unrealistic scenarios and expectations of real life.

And now being aware of this aspect I can start, slowly, taking my power back from my everyday interactions with entertainment, people, and technologies, staying more and more centred and grounded in my own energy. I suggest you do the same.


Skip to 3:40 of this video to the mitt work done by the best boxer on the planet



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