3 Morning exercises to start off your mornings

This is a new post in a little while and I decided to share with you, in this post, three exercises I do to start off my day from my *personal* morning ritual list.

Number 1. Screaming into the pillow. 5-10 X every morning.

Do you remember if you’ve ever screamed into your pillow when you were little? I screamed and I still scream. 

This is the first thing I do when I wake up, well technically its the second (I write my dreams- if I had any- into my dream diary) but in this post Ill say its the first. When I scream, I scream all the terror and tension I have from the nights dreams and nightmares into the pillow. We might not realize this but our dreams have a significant effect on our morning moods, this exercises will speed up the clearing process.


Numero Dos. Make the Bed. Make YOUR bed (adjust the mattress cover and fold the blanket accordingly).

This one is HUGE. You might think or say out loud, “why is this here? I do this”, do you? if so, good job, pat yourself on the back. If you don’t, start; Making your bed as soon as you can after you wake up is of super duper importance. 

The effects might not be realized a week or 2 weeks of doing this on a regular basis, but I assure you, they will become apparent once you start making your bed every single day. Your brain begins to recognize that your bedroom is a place of peace and the emotions you associate sleep to.

No matter what chaos goes on in the outside world, you will know, you have a clean and made bed just for you, where you can get a night’s rest peacefully.

Number three. If you listen to music, listen to the music that matches the kind of work you will have to do.

A lot of us listen to music, and most of us know the effects it has on us, therefore this exercise should be self explanatory. The music you listen to in the morning will set the tempo and rhythm of your day. If you’re studying and attending classes you shouldn’t listen to gangster rap, metal, or hardcore techno music, the more appropriate music would be classical, or something that matches the tempo of studying, and if you’re doing explosive physical exercises, do not listen to classical music, gangster rap would be more appropriate. You get the gist, right? 

Anyway, I hope this list helps. Thanks you for reading this, and YOU have a nice day.



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