Talkings of wanting, having, dreams, and goals

I woke up this morning, different. I went for a run while listening to my usual tape of “instructions”, a recording of an eccentric doctor talking about change, different. Something was different today. 

After the run I went to my basement where a skipping rope was waiting for me. As I was skipping, something hit me; “life is extremely short”. Life is so short that it is crucial to make every moment count. Every, single, moment. There is no time to be aloof. 

It is time to plan and decide, what do I want out of life? 

I want an empire. I want to construct, to build my own empire, with my logo, with my name.

That might sound grandiose, and it really isn’t. 

Empires don’t all have to be like the King of Abu Dhabi’s. I would just like to make enough money to travel anywhere I want, at any time, and not worry about my finances. Also a ranch or a cottage where I have 4-5 cows, 20 chickens, and a few pigs. And of course an apartment, doesn’t have to be big, just in a good location where there are a lot of people. Also a small warehouse space where I can experiment with some of my wacky projects. Ten years from now, I will attempt to remember or to keep a reminder to write a blog on whether I succeeded in achieving these goals.

What kind of life do you imagine yourself living ten years from now?

Write it down. What have you got to lose?

Once you write it down does it seem awkward or unrealistic? I’ll tell you this. I did this exercise a year ago and what I wanted was completely different ( I also wrote it down on a piece of paper). 


Sometimes what you want is not what you want. society and media has tricked or manipulated into wanting certain things. Wanting. not having, but wanting. you want to want. Do you want to want things?

After sometime you will realize how silly what you want is, and that it won’t make you happy. In a year I might look at this post and think, ” man I was delusional thinking that this is what I wanted”. But at least if I write this down I have a reference and a trail leading me to the things I want and away from the things I don’t want.

I have confused myself. WOw. Okay to close this down. Let me share with you this video about “your perfect day”



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