Personal logo/ personal symbol journey

So I have been bothered by this since highschool. Wearing logos and being imprinted by logos of other people. Nike, adidas, kraft, etc.. I personally would enjoy all the products made by these companies if there wasn’t a logo on them, to me *paying these companies to wear their logo on my clothing or have their logos in my house is an insult, they should be paying me to wear their symbols on my body and having their symbols around my house and not the other way around. The same goes for television, we pay for cable and then we have to sit through commercials? to me that’s crazy, if you want me to sit through a commercial, you gotta pay me, and even then I wouldn’t take your money ( this may change).  you might think and say otherwise and that’s cool, what I have said on this subject is just me. SO, I have decided a long time ago, I will create my own logo, and crest, and begin building my empire (reference to my last post). Just thinking of where to start, I decided, let me begin with the logo or personal symbol first.


I began my journey by posting a thread on a popular forum about the subject, and a few days later I found a response to a similar question someone else posted, and it led me to a program that teaches you on the subject starting with the basics- if you’re curious the tutorial is called “tutsplus logo design fundamentals”.


Now as I am working on the personal symbol, I am looking into what the next step will be.

I am thinking of going to a fabric shop and just looking at different fabrics, I’m not planning to make any purchases yet. It is just to get somewhat of an introductory experience with fabric before I have decided on my logo.


Well, I think I’m off to a good start. If you’re reading this, it’s important to me for you to know that you are also a part of this. Yes, you are seeing a little glimpse of a wannabe or the real deal. A wannabe in a sense of a dreamer, a person who dreams and never really executes anything. The real deal is a person who makes things happen, and sets things into motion. Which one am I? Time will tell. Which one are you? Time will tell you too.


Thank you for reading this, and YOU have a godly day.

Also heres a video of this dude customizing his shirts to make them more personal.


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