Who are you, and why am I here?

Before starting my post today I decided to check some posts by other people, one of which was a challenge to “write a post about who you are and why you are here”.

Here goes nothing…

I will take it the author of the challenge meant when she wrote  “write about who I am as a person” to mean what are my interests, what do I do, what I am about, etc…, and when she wrote, “write about why you are here”, she meant on a free to use, blogging website.

To Start this off, any reader of my beginner writing skills should know that I will not share with you my name, I almost made the mistake of saying “I cannot share with you my name” (of course I can), because that kind of level of privacy is meaningful to *me*, and with it I am not afraid to venture into new waters and try new things with writing. 

Making a fool of myself, embarrassing myself, sharing parts of my life and self that I have not and most likely will never share with anyone else using my real name, are all the result of me having an alias, “Mraches”. With my alias I am not scared to write about anything, and I believe my newbie horizons as a writer will expand in a way I can take pride in with the use of this alias, versus using my real name and always wondering whether I should share a minute detail that might be destructive to my life in the long run. 

My main.. work, as my peers and I like to call it is “radical undoing”.

It could be said it is a form of therapy. I like to call it, unlearning, or getting out of your own way.

To summarize the practice is a once a week thing where the “patient” is lying on his/her back in a certain way, breathing in a specific manner, and making a certain sound on the exhale. While in this position “the patient” performs simple exercises that over time (over and over again) will bring the “patient” closer to his or her authentic self, and reveal his/hers authentic desires, values and the truly important things in their lives that they may have been suffocating or starving.

I do not want to be too specific because if I explained it in a bit more detail and you tried to do it yourself, you may end up doing more harm then good. If you are curious, send me a message and I will reply to you with a link to a 500+ page textbook by an Individual who has done this practice for himself and others for 30+ years. (I meant to discourage you with the 500+ page thing). Also, along with the once a week practice there also daily exercises that you can choose to do with this work ( I personally do most of them, and I wrote about one in a previous blog post- screaming into pillow).

My hobbies are: writing, mma/boxing, cooking, knife sharpening using whetstones/ water stones (yes I know its lame, and I like it), trying new things (its a hobby), reading, gardening, rituals (it’s a thing), and of course building friendships.

What I am about… There are a lot of things I’m sure anyone can say when it comes to what they’re about, but to make a short and sweet or bitter statement on the subject I would have to reference a recently deceased teacher of mine (I’ve never actually met him, and I’ve read a lot of his books. P.S he’s a doctor of psychology), I am a guy wants to “make a little money, have a little fun, and help out a liiiiiiiitle bit (high pitched voice on that one), because if you help too much, you will most likely get into trouble.”

I feel I have written enough for today, so I will write answering the question of “why I am here” in another blog post, maybe tomorrow? maybe never? welle?

As always I hope you enjoyed your time reading this, and you have yourself a lovely…….. lovely day.

Here’s a song you probably listened to 10x already.



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