Anonymous thank you to my parents

This post is dedicated to my parents. I love my parents. And I am very lucky to have the parents I do.

Over the years I began to notice how much the actions of parents affect their kids.


One particular case was of this notorious poker player who has made over 50 million dollars playing poker. I learned about his past and that his family wasn’t financially secure until his father started taking big risks, and taking massive actions which resulted in wealth beyond my understanding (his father had- maybe still has- a private plane, 3 gigantic properties, and millions and millions of dollars), and the prodigy poker player who witnessed his father undergo the change that got his father such drastic success witnessed and learned through his father, the work that got him there. At first when I learned that this guy made so much money playing poker I was shocked until I learned of his past, then I felt more of a confirmation, a yes feeling or a good job feeling because I think his father had something to do with it.

I have seen this in more than one person. I personally have undergone such changes as well, when my parents would make decisions. For example, I was born in Russia, and my parents worked towards leaving Russia because they didn’t want me and my brother growing up in what to them was a dangerous and cut throat place. So they worked, and they worked hard, and they succeeded in moving to Israel. (btw if you didnt know, in Israel 20% of the population are Russians versus 50% Ashkenazi Jews– got that from Wikipedia)

After six years of living in Israel and building a life from scratch, my parents realized that in a few years my brother and I would have to join the Israeli army, and serve the mandatory 2 year term required from both males and females. So they hit the books and miraculously passed all the tests required to move to Canada (it is very difficult to do this, I went through this process with them. First you have to prove you will add value- my dad’s was a semi famous veterinarian so this part was not difficult. Secondly, my parents had to learn a new language and pass a test (they did), and all four of us had to undergo physical examination, and if we had any physical issues we would have to deal with them in Israel before moving there (we all passed-part of it involved a doctor touching all of our junk)).

In Canada, we were nothing, and we had nothing, and the winters are really cold here. I swear the cold factor in Canada makes Canadians and anyone living in and environment where it gets to -15 to -45 degrees Celsius the toughest people on the planet, cold is merciless and it breaks you.

Anyway, we had nothing and in the most painfully slow fashion, our family started building a new life and earning every little piece of momentum we got. There were weeks and maybe even months where our family couldn’t afford the heat bill, so we didn’t use it, that was hard, which is why I was ecstatic to go to school because I knew it would be warm there. We’de go to the food banks once every 3-6 monthes to get foods which were *amazing, food banks are amazing, especially to children, not necessarily because it fed us (my brother and I), it was because it contained foods that if we didn’t get it from the food bank our parents would never buy it for us, like giant cookies with M&M’s in them that lifted our spirits as if it was “Christmas”, or the expensive Tropicana orange juice which cost $2,99 at the time instead of the 99c usual apple juice we got.


After this difficult period which lasted I would say five years, my parents started to break off, as in achieving success where we could float well above the survival line. At the time of this five year period I would be secretly angry at my parents and some of the kids at my school because they would have a lunch every day, they had nice houses, they got new clothes every year, etc. and etc.

But today, reflecting on those times and looking at my fridge with the expensive juice and the cookies with the M&M’s in them, I see, that I don’t need them. I know that I will be okay without the new clothes, without the nice house, and that, those things are not even that important in life to me. My family, my Dad, my Mom, my Brother, and I, and the quality of the time I spend living my life is where it at. Which is why I’m very grateful to my parents for showing me time and time again the work that needs to be done to improve and know thyself.


Thanks Mom and Dad.


Here’s a little song to brighten your day:


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