How far are you willing to go?

This is not one of those inspirational speeches

About a year ago I was faced with a question. “how far are you willing to go in pursuit of your dreams of becoming an independent person in this world? (financially, socially etc…)”

, this question came from either a self help book, or a Tony Robbins tape that I listened to when I was eighteen years old, and in it, a question was asked,

“what are you willing to give or to give up in order to achieve your deepest desires?”

, it might not be the exact question but it was something along those lines.  And the question that eventually arose for me was,

“are you willing to become homeless for an indefinite period of time, maybe even for the rest of your life in order to dedicate yourself 100% to the pursuit of your dreams?”

At the time I was ending my third year of a four year term in a business degree at a University, and I struggled with this question.

I imagined what questions others struggled with

“are you willing to kill another human being to achieve your dreams?” for me it was a profound no, and I would imagine there are some people that on an intimate level would answer that differently.

“are you willing to treat other people like dog crap in order to achieve your dreams?” once again, for me it was a no. After reading and hearing stories of the notorious Steve Jobs of Apple Co. I imagine his answer would be a “hell yes”. I’m not judging him, I’m sticking to facts.

For me my boundary breaking question was in front of me everyday. When I would wake up. When I would eat breakfast.  When I would take the bus to school. etc..

After 2-3 months of contemplating on the question, I came to a real and authentic conclusion. YES, now leave me alone!

-Real and authentic in the sense that I imagine other people answering yes to this question, when really they would never go that far or low in order to achieve greater heights. And they would freak out and have mental and nervous breakdowns if they sensed an inkling of themselves going in that direction. Not being able to tolerate a diminished social image to the slightest.

I dropped out of the course after my third year of school with no intentions of finishing my final year. Now I know some of you will think that is stupid and my answer is, it took me three years of university classes to learn that what they teach, what they offer, is not what I am looking for and it is not what I need, and that is a valuable lesson. I will never think twice about University again, and if I never attended uni I would always wonder what I was missing out on.

University is a standard of education created by other people. And that standard doesn’t meet mine in education.

Thank you for reading this post, and you have a wonderful day.

Here is Alexander Rybak the son of Musicians


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