A List to evolve your life

Starting slow and doing work.


Yesterday I watched a video by Garret Daun, and he talked about writing down one idea a day for every area of your life (social, work, food, home, creative work etc.) on how to further and evolve that area.


Just an idea, you don’t have to act on it today, tomorrow, even in a year. Just begin writing them down, ideas that will further your work as a… lets say a carpenter. What is one idea you can come up with to become better at your job?

Right off the bat some ideas come to mind

-read a book on it

-watch a YouTube video on a little part of it

-ask somebody questions

I wrote a list last night, during and after I watched the video.

My list looks something like this.


MMa/boxing- watch 2-3 youtube instructional videos on proper basic punches to get different perspectives.

Meditation- look into music I can listen to to enhance my experience, maybe read some comments on meditation

Logo development- read a few articles on the topic to gain a wider perspective, sketch the worst logo I can just so that I can have any experience to refer to

Blogging- read a few blogs and see what others do that I can also improve on, attempt to find people that I will read their blogs everyday

Food/diet- attempt to find a resource- book, videos, courses- that will further guide me on learning and experimenting on what my dietary needs are

Writing/Scripts- Print of a standard structure for scripts, and maybe print out a couple of model scripts for reference

Book reading- watch YouTube videos to see what kind of tips people give for reading

Etc. and the list goes on for another page

After I act on all of these suggestions ( I have done 4-5/15?, maybe) I will write a new list with a new knowledge set.

I can see how in the long run this would produce 10/100/1000 times the results I would get without a system like this.

It directly forces me to evolve. Evolve.

From the 4 or 5 actions that I have done, I realized that I have been stubborn to not do them because I thought I was smart enough to learn them on my own. And not ask for help.


If help is available USE IT. Use all the resources you can get your hands on. Use all the resources you can get your hands on.

With time you’ll even learn how to use resources properly as well. It is a Pandora’s box with never  ending adventures.


tHANK you for reading this and I hope you have an amazing rest of the day.

Yours truly,






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