Keeping a journal

When I was 18 I got a hold of Tony Robbins’ 7 day program. In it he recommended keeping a journal right off the bat. And I have been ever since.

I write down my dreams, the weather, the moon cycle, my thoughts and ideas after I wake up and my thoughts and ideas before I go to bed.

In the beginning of writing, I wrote those things almost mindlessly because I didn’t see any immediate effects.

I just did them because I wanted to see how long I could do something without getting answers. (which I think makes a perfect student)

Questioning is important, but when you start something new, you don’t have any prior experience you can question the thing you’re questioning with.

We always hear “question everything’. “think for yourself”, but How do you do that when you have no experience with anything but watching TV, and playing video games? What experience can you use as leverage to question things “oh writing things down doesn’t work because when I was pressing buttons on a remote control or pressing buttons on a computer that blah blah blag…” NO, (I see there’s a fallacy in that example, but I hope you also see the semi truth in it as well)


The way you get experience to question things is by shutting your mouth and putting in work in something, in anything. Thinking is hard.

3 months of writing went by…. didn’t feel or see anything

6 months….. nothing

a year….. nothing

I quit, I’m done. I stopped writing after a year.

Now what happened next was interesting.

All of a sudden all the benefits (I could tell them to you, but you will not experience or receive them without doing the work) started to popup right after I QUIT. WHY, I thought.

And after a couple of weeks of just being grateful to myself for doing all this work, I got back to writing.

What happened next?

I stopped seeing the benefits, and I just continued writing. But I could feel the way I kept my journal was improving because when I would finish or write out a journal and get a new one, the new journal seemed to have 10x the value to me the last one had, and that kept repeating with each journal I kept. It feels like, lets say, the recipes for life I have in my current journal are more valuable to me then all the prior journal combined times 10.


I also read a metaphor that skills are like climbing a mountain. Lets say you’re a writer. You write and write for years and you dont really notice a change in yourself, but the change is happening. You might get more and more people reading your work, but you feel that nothing has changed. Until you stop, which equates to taking a break from climbing the mountain and enjoying the view of the height due to the distance you have climbed. You can choose to keep climbing. OR you can choose to stop and when you stop you begin to slowly and painfully slide downhill, as if you were in mud.

I see the sliding part happen in Hollywood all the time, where an actor or a show used to be good in the first season, or the first movie, and then they see the distance they’ve come and they don’t want to climb any more and they begin to slide, and that’s a painful thing to watch.


Thank you for reading this, and you have a wonderful day.


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