Action plan to achieve your dreams

Goals are never going to materialize and actualize without action.

If you dream of winning the lottery you’ll never win it unless you

1. Have a job or find a way to acquire enough money to buy a lottery ticket

2.Get outside your house and walk, drive, or bike to your local 7-eleven

3. Fill out a lottery ticket

4. Talk to the cashier and pay for the ticket

Now, the chances of you winning a ticket just went up from 0% to %0.00000007, its not much but it is closer to your goal than before!

To me, if you look at the action list I just wrote to acquiring a chance of winning the lottery… it requires some energy, I feel exhausted just reading the list.

But some of us don’t give ourselves credit for the actions we take to do things we desire. For example.

To go to the wash room (number 1):

1.get up and disrupt your concentration of what you were doing before

2. walk the distance, step by step (each step is work and its action towards what you want, its as simple as that), to the washroom

3. Pull down your pants and do your business

4. Pull the lever on the toilet

5. Walk back to what you were doing before

6. And spend energy to re-engage yourself and re concentrate with what you were doing before

Do you feel proud of yourself when take all these actions and spend this energy to make going to the wash room happen? As a kid I remember my parents telling me I was a “good boy” after I went to the wash room. I still feel that way in a way, except it’s reinforced with my awareness of the steps I took to do my business and not my parents.

Now, you might think, why don’t I just wait and tolerate the un comfort of holding it in until you finish whatever it is you were doing, but that is a discussion for another day, for now I’ll stick to the topic of the action to take to achieve your dreams.

Going back to the dream of winning the lottery, I imagine, most of us don’t really dream about winning the lottery. I for example dream about getting paid to write: a book, articles for sites with 1000+ readers, having my own site with 1000+ active readers, etc…. (that’s the writing dream that I have)

To me that’s a realistic dream that I can achieve within a 2 year span after which I will develop a new dream with a broader vision.

How would I go about achieving this goal?

1. Develop the necessary skill and ability to attract people to your writing – Add value to peoples lives

How do I do that? I came up with a plan, to try to write a new blog post every day on one site that allowed me to do so for free. And I could try different forms of writing to get wider experience of the craft

2. Buy your own domain name and attract 1000 people through hard work, dedication, and consistency

– I don’t really have the sufficient funds for this step at the current moment ( I just lied to myself), I will achieve this, this weekend! and to prove it Ill make a blog post about it on Monday or Tuesday

3. Look up some websites with a lot of internet traffic and see which ones I like and maybe send an email to them introducing myself  with a link to my blog

-I can start doing that now, and see the responses (if I do get any- even that in itself, see if I can get a response from these sites to see what they think of my writing) I receive ( i might be good enough already…. HAHAHA, I’m becoming a little narcissistic)

4. Write some draft ideas for a book, or a script and post some previews on the internet Or send to publishing companies (I’m not exactly sure how publishing works)

– I could start reading a book on advice to getting a book deal (cliché term…. book deal… I don’t really know what that entails), and advice on writing a novel

That sounds easy right? Does that sound like a good plan?

What are the steps required to achieve your dreams? Can you write them down… According to the steps I showed you about, writing them down is a step to achieving them…. OOOOOH

Real actions. What do you need to give to achieve what you want?

LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. no no no. lets make it happen

Once again thank you for reading this and YOU, yes you, YOU have a wondrous day.



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