An idea

So I was walking today right? and an idea popped into my head.

It was an idea that resulted from a lack. A lack of culture, or knowledge about my city.

The idea is that “a friend or I could go around our city, and we would interview people at different train stations at the different quadrants of the city.

This will result in educating people from my city what kind of people exist around us and what is available in our city (entertainment, classes, art, etc).

What kind of people live in different parts of the Northwest quadrant, North-east, South-west and South-east. Because there is a difference, its just never been put on video to clearly see the boundaries they each have.


North is known to be either super rich, or ghetto.

South is known to be family oriented, a family place.


So what we would do is go to each station and attempt to interview 4-6 different people of different culture, age, sex, appearance.


Ask them what they are into, and where do they go to meet other people who are also into that sort of thing, or where to go if you want to start doing it in this city, with the hope that it would provide some information to help some lost souls.

Also ask them what they like and dislike about our city, and see what kind of empirical data we could get on video tape.


The line of questioning would be a little bit more diverse and worded differently I am just stating a basic outline for myself.


Now we’de have to have a person who edits these videos, I personally have never done that sort of thing and neither have the people that I have in mind to work on this project with me. So one or some of us would have to learn it.

I’m assuming that uploading these videos to youtube and posting it on different facebook channels and sharing with friends would help bring these videos to the surface of attention of the people of my city, but something tells me that wont be enough.

I don’t have any other ideas for now on other ways of sharing these videos, maybe contact the local news channel?

How do I do that? Look it up on google? Yup that works.


Sounds like a great idea to me, anyway, I wanted to post this thinking process, for you the reader/readers that I have, and for myself for the future so that I can laugh at myself at how silly this plan is.

As always, thank you for reading and YOU have a productively relaxing day.





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