WHere are we?

Where are we? I was walking today and I realized how lucky it is that I am alive, that we are alive, that the human race is still alive.


We are still flying through outer space around our Sun along with seven other planets (for those not in the know Pluto has been labelled as a dwarf planet) and in the thousands of years of human’s species’ existence nothing has happened to eradicate our race from the planet Earth.

Right at this moment we are flying through space….. WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAH


We can be gone any second. This awareness brings soft, acute, and complete attention to the present moment, and I feel grateful to be alive.

It also brings a laugh out of me because knowing this little thing brings light to all the actors (that 99% of us are) walking around pretending we’re important, doing important things. NO



I guess this post will be ultra short, as always I hope you enjoyed your stay, and you have a wonderful wonderful day.



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