What we don’t want in life

Everyday I wake up, and every day I give some time dealing with issues associated with relationships that have gone sour.

I was in a relationship with 2 individuals that didn’t match with me very well. For 2 years I hung out with these people.


Looking back at it, I think I forced myself to hang out with them, I knew things wouldn’t work out but I persisted and I pushed myself to hang out with them. I didn’t know why at the time but my intuition told me “face the unpleasantness and learn”, and I did.

2 years passed and something hit me, those 2 individuals taught me everything, all the signs, the thinking processes, the movements, and the actions of people I DONT want in my life.

Or at least that is what my brain is showing me

Everywhere I go now I see people that resemble them, not in looks… but in movement, in the way they do things, the way they interact with people around them.

So I, right now, am making a toast. Lets toast the people that taught us what we don’t want in life.



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