The Sun and warmth makes a huge difference in life, wow.

Today in the city that I live in in Canada, the temperature reached its highest temperature 25 degrees Celsius than it has all year.

My neighbours, my friends, my co-workers, people at the clubs that I go to, people that I meet on the street, everyone is 100 times happier and more joyful in what seems to be ages but most likely it was since last time there was warm weather.

A week ago the warmest weather we had was 5-7 degrees Celsius, and a week ago I still remember how dreary our city was.

It may have been all in my head and just me changing, but I doubt it.

I welcome you sunshine and nature, please stay forever.

I cannot handle another Canadian winter, its too much.

Just writing this I’m becoming more and more joyful, getting images of people being beautiful, expressing themselves more fully.

Also a tarot card comes to mind

The Sun, to me this is how I feel right at this very moment.

I looked at the definition of this tarot card and it defines really well how i feel.

Definition : Revitalization, centre of attention, breakthrough in understanding, victory.

Are you feelings these things as well?

I hope you are, anyway

I haven’t posted yesterday, and I know I didn’t.

To be honest with you I think I didn’t post because consciously I was really putting myself in a box forcing myself to post at least once a day and the rebel in my unconscious/ subconscious mind, decided lets piss “mraches” off

Now I don’t take posting so seriously, and I hope it reflects on my current writing, and the writing to come.

As always I hope you’re enjoying your day



have a wonderful rest of the day.


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