Helping people out

Yesterday, I went to my boxing class

afterwards, I talked to one of the guys that comes regularly

I’ll try to describe him to you, the reader:

He started mma classes a year ago, he is  very lost and troubled in life just like a lot of us but he particularly has a hard time letting go and dealing with it. Out of all the people that train at this gym he has a very slow progress movement in boxing, in my eyes ( it might be due to him taking muay thai, BJJ, and boxing 2-3 times a week), and yet he is probably the most persistent and a very hard working individual.

He is somewhat interesting to be around, he talks a lot about self improvement. A lot of which I thinking is fairy- airy talk as I like to call it. Or at least his version of it is.


Do you ever talk to somebody and it’s like they’re living in another world?

They have no sense of reality, or at least the reality that’s in in your body?

I registered that all his data is based off of mainstream television, and mainstream books.

And his voice and thoughts are exactly that of another individual, or a group.

For example, he must have said this 10x times yesterday

“bruce lee says”

Also he told me this yesterday in one part of our conversation:

” 25-75% of people use credit cards to create debt that they will never be able to repay, and they will be in a constant cycle of buying things and repaying and adding on interest until they are screwed”

He said this completely out of nowhere,

Now, this might be accurate for some people, but to me, out of all the people I know- I am not by any means a rich person and at one point, my family has been very very poor and lived in semi-poverty- or have ever known, this situation has never occurred.


“I don’t know anyone dealing with this kind of situation in their life.”

I told him this, and then I ask him,

“do you?”

He stammered, I think I disrupted something,

It seemed he was about to puke out a lot more information he had acquired by reading and watching youtube videos, maybe things happening in other parts of the world, and not experiencing these things in real life, in his life situation.

But he stopped, and started sort of micro thinking inside his head until the moment I left and did not have his body in my sight.

(btw I also go inside my head through out the day, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think most of us do this)

How do you help people like that? Are they lost?  Maybe, it’s me who is lost? (funny story, there’s a book called “get lost and stay lost”- supposedly its really good)

I’ve been thinking about that. Do I just keep my distance with him? or should I go hey man you need help- I don’t think that’s a really good idea- which I did want to do yesterday talking to him?, I guess time will tell, just like with everything else.

That’s an ending to this post, as always thank you for reading this, and I would like to share this famous Russian artist, Alexander Leps and his song “I don’t love you”






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