I’m less then I can be And I want to be more

This is the constant state I believe we are all in.

Why do we have to be here for such a short period of time? I don’t want to die.

I dont.

The greatest pleasure in life is growing and transforming, which to me translates into obtaining more and more real power. Transforming into a wiser and more skilled/adaptable at life on earth.

Real power= alchemy.

Turning lead into gold.

Turning a piece of wood into a master piece of carpentry.

Turning metal into wires, pipes, etc. to make our lives more comfortable.

Not political power, to me politics is just entertainment for those who enjoy that sort of thing. I’d much rather watch a movie about war then see 2 countries go to war with each other for political reasons.

Even though the real deal is better, I don’t like violence and destruction on that level.

If all of us could choose how long our stay on this planet was, most of us would choose to live forever- probably, we could master and play with all the different skills that are available, and eventually some of us would get bored of earth and get off of this planet and go get a planet of our own.

Imagine being the first to walk on a planet…

For example Mars.

Yours on Mars and you decide, “hey Earthling this is not Mars any more, this is Chocolate planet and anyone who tries to land on our planet will be apprehended on site”, silly, I know

There would be intergalactic wars because a large body of power would try to absorb all the smaller ones.

Anyway, that’s completely off subject.

I believe if we all or at least the most evolved, bright, brilliant, bunch of us were to be given an immortality drink our planet would see changes that even the wildest dreams (literally, there could be something beyond teleportation, zapping, or anything you can think of) of the biggest dreamers would make us look like”droopy eyed children.”

Albert Einstein came up with his most brilliant work in the last few years of his life…. what would happen if he was still alive? What kind of knowledge would Earth have received from him. The same goes to Tesla, and Newton etc…

Anyway, this is just my morning rant, I hope you enjoyed your stay on my blog..

ANd YOU HAVve a wonderful day.





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