Face Stretching

Hi peeps,

Today I am bringing you the mother of all morning exercises.

I have been doing this exercise every day for the past 2-3 years and it brought me more knowledge, flexibility, and youthfulness than any other exercise I have ever performed on a daily basis.


I stumbled on this exercise when  I was 20; When I was in a deep and intense study, a search for a system or ways to get rid of anxiety and regain the feeling that I had when I was in junior high and in high school. The feeling of being myself, or the best version of myself I have ever experienced.


I joined a super secret underground website (theoccult.bz, you cannot sign up for it any more, the only way for you to become a member is to go through a rigorous interview with one of the administrators). To join it, I checked if the sign up was open for months before I was one of the lucky ones to squeeze through the cracks and attain membership.


Once on the website, whenever the terms real change, or undoing yourself ever popped up… all of the users pointed to Dr.Christopher Hyatt, and his Radical undoing, Energized hypnosis, and black books series.

I read all of his books and watched some of his videos,

Most of his work is still valuable to me but it felt a little out dated so I wondered whether there were people who were progressing it today.

And I found somebody.

Garrett Daun.

Garret Daun has a free email series where every day or every few days (  I forget) he sends you an email with an exercise to try out and perform on a daily basis.

One of the first ones is the face stretch.

Here are the basics of face stretching.

1. set a timer for 3-5 minutes ( you will perform this exercise for this duration)

2. Hyper extend and stretch your face in different directions

3. Move very slowly when you transfer the tension from one area to another

4.Make sure you are breathing during this exercise*****- this is very important

5. When you do this exercise pay attention to other parts of your body and see if they tense up

6. after you have done this for 3-5 minutes pay attention to the sensations you are feeling.

I will post a video description for this exercise with Garrett Daun demonstrating.

*warning* this exercise will change your life whether you want it to or not…

If you think its silly do it properly**** just once, and forget about it forever.

Once again, thank you for your time and you have a wonderful day.


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