Action… engage

I haven’t posted in a while, I have been feeling very ill.

You see the pressure where I live has been drastically changing, where one day it was snowing the next day there’d be pouring rain the whole day and again the next day it’d be sunny. That kind of thing drives people insane, it drove me off the wall.


Today’s topic is action, and the importance of taking action and penetrating your learning.

It’s easy to read something for 30 minutes and think you’re doing something but what I have learned is that real learning is hard.

If when you’re learning.. reading something, watching something, doing something and you don’t struggle in some way, doubts don’t pop up in your head, energies aren’t moving within you, I would have to say you’re wasting your time.

You have to engage, at least a little tiny bit. Engage, engage, engage, If you cannot engage then maybe what you’re doing isn’t right for you or maybe you should come back to it some other time. 


If you really want to learn something, commitment and continuous engagement in the pursuit of that goal is key.

The word ENGAGE is underrated. It is a very beautiful thing to be engaged. ENGAGE.

Haha, after reading this you wont forget the word… ENGAGE.


This is it for the blog post for today, I am feeling a bit rusty, so I’ll keep it short and sweet for myself. Thanks for reading and you have a wonderful day!@



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