Being left behind by life.

Falling asleep, doing things that will lead to self destruction will lead to being left behind. Doing things you know are not good for you that put you to sleep will make your life a miserable existence.

Spending hours watching tv, spending hours on your computer watching youtube clips, movies, tv shows etc, playing video games all day.

Once you make a decision to become a “piece of crap” made of silver ( based on the idea that we are all crap), you will begin to let go of things that make you less alive, that hinder your existence, and the more you do that the closer you will become to something incredible.

Just living will become the most amazing thing ever. Being alive is the greatest drug of all, you are a human.

An individual who has been eating healthy, taking care of him or her self, exercising, showering and cleansing oneself, interacting and sharing themselves completely going on adventures is a glorious human being and nothing will compare to it. every great idea and work of art is a reflection of the driving force and light of the human who created it.

Live beautifully


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