My experience with art and drawing

My mom was an advanced artist before I was born in 1991. By an advanced artist I mean she had spent hundreds of hours creating something on a canvas, or a piece of paper.

After my brother and I were born she let it go in order to spend most of her time and energy working and raising two goofball trouble makers and it is not a surprise now that after I drew my first painting my mom bluntly said to my face “you’re terrible, you should not draw”, and I didn’t. Every time a drawing opportunity presented itself I would avoid it and let people who wanted to do it do it for me.

I am twenty three years old today and I have been drawing almost every day. And the more I draw the more what my mom told me and how I perceived it begins to unwind and express itself. The real or imagined (by me) frustration of her time being an artist, and maybe she did not want that life for me.

I draw because I need to. It is a form of expression that I have neglected for the past two decades, and in that sense it is therapeutic for me.

What are some things you avoided or stayed away from because someone told you to, because someone told you you were not so good at it. See if you can do a little bit of it every day.

As always, I hope you are having a good time and enjoyed your stay on this page.


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