You cant start anew

Something I thought about yesterday was the idea of starting a new life.

I keep telling myself “tomorrow, I will do things right, I will not shit, I will not eat like a pig, I will not lazy around”, and one thing I noticed is  that each time I say such things inside my head, I fail. So I stopped I dont set standards in that way any more, I wake up and I go where the wind takes me so to speak.

I dont have to work out everyday I dont have to write a blog post every day I dont have to draw and practice my work everyday.

If i have some free time I’ll do something I enjoy that also challenges me, it could be writing a blog post, drawing something, or doing some of my “therapeutic work”. forcing myself to commit to a life time of the same thing ever day discourages my body and mind, because that kind of commitment where the goal is ” i must do this every day” sucks out fun out of me. No more!

I hope you have enjoyed your stay and enjoyed your time reading my post. You have a nice rest of the day!


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