My Idea for a short film

I have been brewing with an idea for a short film for the past year. Here is the jist of it.

A young man 24-25 years old has lived his life in an unchanging way, he has the same friend since high school, he has the same routine every day. That friend has been with him for 10 years. He works a 9-5 job in a cubicle doing menial work, and life just flows and he doesn’t think much of it, he is a bit delusional and lost in his thinking and his experience of life. In his eyes he does all the cool things everyone does in movies, he smokes, he is incompetent with interacting with women but in his eyes he is not,a lot of fantasies going on in his head, he’s making cash, but really deep down its quite a miserable life, and his friend is leading this main character into this life saying this is the shit.

One day after leaving a bar where he spent a night acting cool, the main character gets hit by a car.

Next scene. Flashing black and white light on the ceiling, he’s in the hospital. There’s no one there when he wakes up. A week goes by no one comes, except his sister, for 2 minutes, she does not look to thrilled to see her brother, she tells him take care of yourself stay away from mr.y (best friend).

Cut scene

He’s home. suddenly he looks down on his chest there are knives stuck all over his body with pulsating black circles where the knives are, he cant touch them. they seem to be illusions or holograms. There is one knife that seems to be tangible and the mr.x ( the main character) tries to grab it furiously and enraged, and passes out.

Thats the first little bit of my short film idea, the rest is how working on those knife wounds mr.x changes his life, and also witnesses a lot of ugliness around him.

What do you think?


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