Going backwards to realize there is no going backwards.

I have been dealing with a serious “addiction” or so I would call it or have called it in the passed.

I started the process of “recovery” by going a week without participating in this action, and then I would go back to it, then it would be two weeks, and back into it, then, itd be a month, on and on.

Today I wouldn’t call it an addiction or a “negative” thing, in fact this journey of going back and forth made me Realize, “negative” and “positive” are judgements that I made  based on my immediate experience/ perception, not knowing realizing the greater scheme of things.

I was/ am shown something by this “addiction”, becoming open and closed, open and closed over and over again and learning from it by the experience and the changes it made to my nervous system.

Maybe my person of life on Earth will be to help other people realize the difference.

Something to think about.


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