I had a dream last night.

I got into an altercation with a another man. He was bigger than I am and I was having some issues fighting him until I realized I could throw a straight right followed by two left hooks to hurt him, and I did.

I left after the other man dropped to the floor and I found myself watching tv at my parents house and then out of the corner of my eye that same man is walking up my parents deck and opens the screen door a shows that he has a gun.

He fires, the first shot misses. I get my hopes up, that I might be a character out of a movie, but then the man fires another shot and another and they are all hitting my torso. After a couple of shots okay if he leaves me to be now I might survive this, but he continues he keeps on firing on and on and on and on. as I see blackness I keep hearing the shots continuing.

I awoke shortly after.


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