Yesterday I finished watching the movie “Vitus”.

A movie about a very gifted boy growing up from being 5-6 years old to 12-13 years old.

In the movie, Vitus’ parents were pushing Vitus to achieve his full potential and by the age of 13 they wanted him to take a test that would allow him to attend university.

Vitus, the boy, got tired of everyone telling him what to do and so he faked a fall and pretended he was injured.

The part that I wanted to write about was the parents pushing Vitus to become something/someone they wanted him to be; a great pianist/ a great whatever.

The result is an interesting speculation when this situation happens in any scenario.

Someone wants you to be something, and they push you to do it, not caring about the terms of the person’s having to do the work/go has with the work itself.

The result is always the same in my experience. The individual “pressured” to go through that experience stops to a complete halt until everyone leaves them alone, and they can proceed to do the work on their own terms.

That scenario is one of my favourites in life, movies, books, etc..

What are some situations where you were the one pressuring, and you were the one being pressured?

As always I hope you’re enjoying your time. And you have a nice day!


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