Getting back in shape

I’m starting to get back in shape, I have been sick and withdrawn in the last few months and sort of in a limbo. I spent most of my time in bed.

I did yoga for the first time yesterday, went for 15 minute jog and skate boarded at night. I felt great afterwards.

Getting back to moving around, doing things and interacting with people. It’s difficult to be in this position because I’m used to be fluid in these areas, and now that I have taken that time off it was difficult interacting with people today and getting back into shape is also very difficult after a  long lay off.

Physically it’s not hard, mentally is were the challenge is. Slowing your pace down, slowing things down because your body needs to re learn everything you have forgotten.

It’s a fun journey and challenge on its own. Reintroducing myself to society and getting back in shape, there’s excitement in my life, and joy to live.


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