Another day, another post.

Alright, getting into the habit of posting everyday again.

I wont make plans like before because I don’t know what my story holds for me.

What happens happens.

I have ocd, and sometimes when I do certain things I end up believing in things that arent tru, I end up supporting a wall that I shouldn’t support. That I have tensed up in a certain way that its become real.

Breaking that wall is an intense and uncomfortable experience. Right now I’d say it’s taking too long but in reality it’s probably not.

I don’t know what is really going on in my life, I won’t identify with my material circumstances because I don’t believe it matters, I pay most of my attention to what happens inside myself, which is really not so different to the outside. By the I mean are our inner worlds really separate from our outer ones? I don’t know, I wouldn’t say no. I think the answer is closer to a yes than a no. Time will tell right?

It’s a peculiar experience when you realize that youve been making a really silly mistake for a large portion of your life that set you apart, or kept you away from the people you wanted to hang out with.

The girls, the guys, they wanted to hang out with you but you did something retarded that you realize 5-10 years later that scared them/ turned them off.

It’s gotta be in the morning too, when your life is falling apart.

Anyone Ill cut my train of thought here. Thanks for writing this man and you have a nice day.


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