Is there really a choice?

Somethings on my mind. Is there really a choice, are we really in control of our lives, or things predestined?

Where do sensations thoughts, ideas, and experiences come from. We’ve convinced ourselves that it is us who did the work by bringing these things out of ourselves but I am not sure that’s the truth.

I think our books have been written and we’re sitting as passengers in cars, experiencing wherever the driver takes us. There is no way for our perceiving selves to become the driver, I’ve heard the theory that it is a larger “I” who wants us to experience what were experiencing and driving the cars. I can go with that theory.
So having no luck, no money, no love etc. is part of our journey. It’s a beautiful idea. And coming out of it as well is the same.

Best of luck and you have a nice day.



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