Skeleton Key

So, I have been on a wild ride this past year, met some incredible individuals and had the course of my life warp and shape itself in new ways. I have dropped the search for meaning, and become a kid in a candy store, enjoying the ride rather than reaching.

I will do my best to begin posting as often as I am able to…. Enjoy

My current discoveries and adventures are with the skeletal system and its functions and importance to a healthy life.


I am by no means even close to an expert, but just reading a little bit on the subject, and becoming aware of my spine in daily life, I’ve realized this is a very important and fundamental area that requires work and awareness.

By becoming more aware of my spine, the issues I have with my own body and how I am moving begin to express themselves. As if, and its true, being aware of the problem is the path for it to be resolved.

When you are standing, and gravity is pulling your body down, no energy should be getting expended at keeping you upright. If some muscles/areas in your body are engaged at keeping you upright, not only is energy being needlessly spent, but those muscles and areas are  unable to carry out their main function…

In my case, as I was going for a run, and I’ve been aware of this issue for a little while now, I’ve been noticing more and more that I’m slanted forward (aggression), and have a lot of weight on my chest when I run and walk.

I’ve been engaging the chest muscles for support for a looooong time, I have suspicions as to why that’s the case but that’s for another time/post.

I look forward to this adventure and learning about the spine and skeletal system, it’s a lot of fun.


As always I hope you have enjoyed your time here, and you have a nice day!



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