Being stuck, moving like molasses, unmotivated, drained, broken, collapsing, seeped, crushed, bogged down, dull sensed…

It’s not pleasant to be in stagnation…


Let’s break the word down…


Stag- to be without a partner at a social gathering


nation-a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

Stag+Nation= Being alone in the place you wouldn’t be alone in. A paradox.

The correct history of the word btw comes from stagnatum “standing water, pond, swamp,”

It’s a mystery to me, the process of, moving from stagnation to movement.

Yes the result is there, the destination and desire to move to a place is there, the getting there is the mystery.

I’ll explain…

I always hear stories of when someone moves into a rut, or a complete stop in their lives and eventually they have an “ah ha” moment that takes them down a road of excitement and adventure. You might have a few of these stories yourselves, I do too.

What I’m wondering is, where does the light shine from? is it my brain that came up with the “idea”/direction in the past? I don’t think so…

Take an egg for example. you crack an egg from the outside you kill life, if the egg breaks from the inside… life is born. That fact seems relevant to me for this case; there’s a lesson to be learned.

I’ve gone and confused myself.












2 thoughts on “Stagnation

  1. Yooo whats up, Its flannymacquioa from the boxing stream. Nice to see you are writing again. I’m not sure how often I will be on this site but will try to keep up with your posts when i can.

    I like your breakdown of Stagnation. There’s a word for it when one experiences it living in a city called Urban Alienation. I experienced this for some time until I learned to love myself. Crazy thing is looking back then I was more “conscious” of how my actions played out in the bigger scheme of things and didn’t see the point in typical activities we are conditioned to do as teenagers i.e. drinking, partying having sex with multiple partners etc..

    What i’m trying to get at is that the issue of being stuck is neither a good nor bad thing. Our lives work in cycles and what we see as being a bad event in our past can end up being a good thing in our futures and vice versa.

    Btw that egg example you used is brilliant.

    1. Hey man!

      Nice to see you on here, I checked out your posts as well and the ones that are up are well written! ( I liked the third eye one the most)
      Yeah, I’ll be looking forward to what you post next.. and I’ll try posting as often as I can as well.

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