In the last year I’ve been experimenting with a few creative outlets; Sculpting, drawing, painting, music (singing, playing drums), sports (boxing mostly), dancing, and writing.

What I have learned in this period of time on creativity:


Creativity is not what I thought it was…


It is hard to describe what creativity really is. Everyone’s been in a creative flow at some point, and many have not recognized the experience for what it was.

Creativity is an adventure; there are challenges and “blocks”, but there’s always a next step so you are never lost.

Creativity is a place where you’re constantly battling, and being challenged..

A push and a pull, upside down, left & right, and you don’t know which direction is which but you are moving somewhere one step at a time.

It’s a beautiful experience to express yourself creatively.

You might hate it when you’re in it, but when you’re out you’re itching to get back in.

If you have something to show for that time, whether it is a recording of a dance, or a canvas with your marks, or a great relationship built on sparring, it will further motivate, inspire and educate you on creativity.




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