Growing & Evolving

Today, on my run, I was thinking about the concept of growing and evolving as an adult and the challenges that arise with recognizing and measuring your growth.


The reason this came up today is because as an adult I have began spending a lot more time alone than when I was in high school and university. More of my activities have become me doing things on my own.

And… the result is that I have found it difficult to measure the journey I have made in my learning. Am I making improvements? what is going on with me?

Doing the things day in and day out, I focus my awareness on these tasks, and it’s not until much later that I recognize the difference in maturity,understanding and skill between periods…


The thing I have learned though is that it is not that important to measure the results, unless of course you have a specific goal you want to reach (most common: losing weight). But when it comes to art and things you do for the sheer interest and joy of doing the things, the only thing that matters is that you’re aware.


You have to trust that if you bring your total awareness to an activity, you will be progressing and evolving. That’s all theres to it, just be aware and progression happens through the awareness.


So simple, yet challenging.


Be nice to yourself and take it easy!





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