What is going on?

Ever get in a funk when you “shouldn’t”. You’ve done everything right, crossing all the t’s dotting all the I’s.

You’re doing your work day in and day out, working your craft, perfecting your art.

Then, one day, you walk down city streets with everything around you suddenly shifting, scintillating. Confusion sets in. What the hell is going on here?

Lights and sounds are blending together, cant seem to decipher anything that comes your way… what does this mean? what does that mean? what is going on here?

Your walk feels awkward, your eyes are sore,  everybody’s looking at you in a different way. You’re not sure whether time’s speeding up or slowing down. It becomes painfully fascinating to be, and with each blink of the eyes a wonder sets in on what the next blink will bring.

What is going on here?

I continue to “move forward” but that direction seizes to exist. It stops becoming forward and becomes the direction “exponential”, or a “multiplier”. A warp in the time-space continuum. Anything I do becomes me diving into a sea of scintillating change.

Are you experiencing the same thing? I am curious.

Everywhere I look I get shocked and jolted back to my bubble. There’s a mosquito flying my way, what is going on here? there are people that I see sitting down, what is going on here? I can hear what sounds like traffic as I sit and write this, what is going on here?

Am I going mad again? I wonder where this hallway will lead me to!


stay tuned…








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