I have a question, why are birthdays such a big deal event?

Life’s broken down into years since our birth. We keep records of our life in increments of 365 days. It just doesn’t seem like a big deal for me to hear “on this day x years ago you were born”. It wasn’t really on “this day” it was a completely different day with no resemblance to today, only the label is the same which is the numbers on the calendar (excluding the year).

Yes, I can understand celebrating a birthday for a particular reason, such as:

  • we celebrate your birthday because we love you and care about you and we measure 365 days from the day you were born to celebrate your existence, that we are grateful for, for your inspiration to us and your support; you are still alive, healthy and breathing and continue to offer value to us. Thank you for being you and we hope you stick around another 365 days.

But that is something I’ve never heard anyone say. I’ve heard small pieces of it but somehow there was no discourse on birthdays for me or anyone I’ve talked to. It is something that is taken for granted.

As a result I suspect, my birthdays feel weird, a sense of betrayal haunts me… I don’t want to be celebrated; most likely I haven’t done anything note worthy around that time . When I do do something that Im proud of, I schedule a celebration for myself and I invite the right people. Do I need anything else?  no.

I’ve also heard the phrase that a person’s birthday is the most important day of the year for them because they get a celebration. And I also found that to be ridiculous since you only get one of each day. How can tomorrow be more valuable then the next day regardless whether its your birthday or not.Life is too short not to celebrate each day.

I say: forget celebrating birthdays and holidays, and raise the quality of your life!


Express gratitude each day, week, month, year, to the people that continuously add value to your life. Labels aren’t necessary for this expression, no need to wait.


I hope you’re having a good day, and I would like to thank you for reading this.




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