Wanting the wanting, a puff of smoke

I may be rehashing something I have written before, but this is something I feel I need to express again since I’ve been encountering this “issue” again and again recently with a particular crowd, the topic of “wanting to want something”.

I frequent a couple of forums: one of them a self help forum, the other a sports forum. A common topic every week is a new guy with no experience stating their intentions and desires on a journey.

Most of the time “wanting to want” something is prevalent, where you see clearly (if you’re experienced in the area) that an individual is almost completely disconnected from the reality of the doing and the results/rewards, and their intention/desire is connected to an empty puff of smoke… rubbish.

They want the wanting* of being good businessmen, boxers, painters etc. and that creates a cunning illusion of grandioseness in some of them which could be difficult to approach.

Therefore, I believe, that the cure for any illusion/fantasy is action/doing. Even the tiniest little action can go a long way.

If you have taken a small action, but you are still holding on to lies and illusions, it shows that you’re willing to take some steps towards uncovering the truth, and you’ve become a bit more approachable.


Take care and have a nice day!




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