Ignoring & Silence from teachers

Mentors in life can come from any direction, “when the student is ready a master appears”. We all have had them and continue to have them in our lives. A situation that I have been encountering and working with is when your mentor becomes quiet around you or ignores your existence.

The specific situation I am referring to is when for a period of time your mentor gives you feedback and praise for your work and then suddenly seizes communicating with you. I find that in this particular situation it is a good sign, a sign that you are evolving and a sign  to double your effort.


A lot of the times when a teacher/mentor is silent and seems to ignore you it’s because you’ve learned to commandeer the ship of learning for the time being, to a level beyond your teacher’s understanding, and their response is to withdraw.

Earning their respect and humbling them to start the process of letting go of you as a student; you have learned all that they could teach you at this time. The difficulty of this position or this transition is the lack of input/critique from the “right people”. Questions inside arise, “what kind of work am i doing?”, “am i doing good work?”. You’ve been guided up until this point now its time to learn to be a leader of your own, to explore the horizon of new territories yet undiscovered or unmastered by your mentors.




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