Who I am and why I’m here.

Task 1 of “Learning the fundamentals” course.

Who I am and why I am here:


I am Mraches,

Who am I?

At the time of this blogs creation, being anonymous was vital if I was to start bloggin; anonymity was important due to my intention to write and post about things that I would not share with anyone.

At first I wanted to name my blog MR.X. , but then the word aches came up and how it’s a relatively close sound to the letter X. The word aches resonated, as at the time I was experiencing turbulence and uncertainty, which translated into aches and pains.

And so Mr.Aches was born.

Why am I blogging today (currently)?

Good question. I would not say that it is for the same reason that I have started, and so I have come up with a new intention for my writing into which it has evolved:

“Date: August 25, 2016, 5:16pm.

My intention for writing and developing this blog is to have a free space in which I can release written ideas and written work with the opportunity for others to see it (no matter how small the audience is),  and to evolve/develop my writing into something that offers value to others. My intention is to primarily share my “undoing”/creative journey”

And so the task for today is complete, 13 more to go.


Thanks for reading and you have a nice day!











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