Safest place to be.

This particular topic and idea has been ruminating in my mind for the last few weeks. It’s not a finished and polished product/idea, it is something still in development.

I’ve never taught a boxing class or a self defence class, but I have taken plenty of boxing classes, and due to this,  after everything I have learned of boxing and a tiny bit of kickboxing, I ask myself, how would I go about sharing what I have learned with others. What would my lessons look like.

And so… I have a work in progress, my first lesson.

A quick note: I’m inspired to teach this way, to be practical, due to my first instructor, Max Maron (canuckles mma), who would try to simulate, with his descriptions and images, real street “fight” scenarios when teaching. His classes were always demanding and tough.

I would like to say a little bit about him and show respect and gratitude for his lessons. He would share things in a way that I have not experienced since, after 3-4 instructors, and which I carry with me today. To describe him at the time I would use the phrase “Extreme and violently demanding, no bullshit zone”. You listened and you did the work in his classes, he had no problem giving you back your money and kicking you out. I am very grateful to him.

Alright, back to the work in progress. My lesson is… “safest place you can be in any situation”.

Many times hanging around downtown in my area, going to social places, I sometimes manage to get myself into “the wrong place at the wrong time” situation, and so I take precautions, naturally, when I find myself in them.

First, I become aware of my surroundings, I ask myself “what does this situation look like from the outside”, by asking that question you automatically start to gather information instantaneously. You start to feel. trust your body.

Then, without making any assumptions as to why I am experiencing aggression in the air or from a specific somebody else and how it will result, I start to slip into my defensive/neutral position:

knees slightly bent, body loose, nothing is locked into place. I keep myself calm, relaxed, alert and aware. My dominant defensive hand starts massaging my jaw,scratching/massaging my neck, or scratching the side of my head. Elbows close to my body, shrinking myself as a target.

No one has to know that you are setting something into place in this situation, everything I’m telling you can seem easy going and innocent. It’s in your best interest too do it this way so that you don’t attract attention and aggravate and trigger the situation into further hostility, and actually have a chance at disarming the situation.

This position is one that you can be comfortable spending long stretches of time in. Relaxed enjoying yourself with your friends and the uneasiness ends up resolving itself,and no one knows that you put your body into a better position of response.

You want to get yourself into a position with minimal strain. No leaning back no leaning forward. Feet balanced, body balanced, taking note and aware of your surroundings.

You’ve turned yourself into a difficult target.


And that’s it.

Some issues with it is that to get to the place where this approach would be useful, it would require the user to have some experience and understanding of punches, and maybe kicks.


This needs more work…






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