There are no guarantees in life

I read a post recently which talked about how most of us, in the western part of the world, are told from a young age: “go to school, get good grades and you’ll get a good job”

And some of us, like nice little sheep following the breadcrumbs scattered for us by our “supervisors/parents”,  come to graduate college/ universities and are presented with nothing of what we were promised.

Lousy job (in some cases, no job),  no happiness. Just confusion. “where are all those things that everyone’s been telling me for 15 years about?”

I find it a universal FACT that “there are absolutely no guarantees in life”

This same situation can be scaled down and be seen in individuals everywhere. We’ve seen this situation in countless of movies, where a person is hustling at their job to get a promotion, only for someone else to get it. Or, someone saving up money for years and years only to lose it  all in a scam or some disaster (Russia’s “perestroyka” comes to mind, where people’s savings became worthless). The examples are endless if you look for them.

And so I approach every decision, every act, and every moment with this idea in mind, that nothing is guaranteed, I could die right now.

What happens then? when you approach everything with this attitude? In my experience, you start to learn what’s truly important to you.

For me: spending your time around people and things that enhance you, spending time and energy with people that you care about, and helping & serving those people, striving to achieve your highest aspirations and deepest desires every single day, taking care of yourself.

Those are the basics for me, that is my work every single day. Do you know yours?

Once again, I thank you for reading and you have a nice day







4 thoughts on “There are no guarantees in life

  1. Very good post Mraches.

    Hmm whats truly important to me..
    I’ve been told that I can bring a very positive vibe to those around me and people trust me enough to tell me anything. My ultimate Goal would be to reach a stage of spiritual development to which I can act on my visions without procrastination or fear holding me back. In other words, reaching a level of mental mastery that allows me to mutate my thoughts into the physical world. I’m getting better at it but fear still holds me back in some situations.

    Once I reach this stage I would have a much larger impact on the lives of others around me regardless of who they are. The goal is to give people the power of independence so that they can become self sufficient.

      1. Progress is slower than I’d like it to be but yeah I’d say I develop these tools on a weekly basis it’s just a matter of being aware of the signs that will help me reach this goal.

        I do believe that in our day to day lives there are always lessons we can learn about ourselves particularly when we have our heart set on something. It’s just a matter of patience.

        The true tests for me to “gauge” whether I have grown or not come from situations that arise in life.

        Funny thing is the Sparring matches I have tell me a lot about myself. I have a good gauge of distance, land okay shots but never commit fully and most of the time on the defensive. From that I learn more about my current state of mind.

    1. Exactly!

      The goal, I think, is to see yourself as clearly as you can. And learn to love yourself at your worst.

      In my sparring my timing was always a half a second too late, and that “inability” to get my timing right was apparent in every aspect of my life. Telling jokes, initiating conversations, everywhere, I was missing “it”.

      Then… got a mentor/teacher, and he helped me out.

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