Compulsion for more and more

After eating a large breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 meaty rib, large portion of salad with feta cheese, and a slice of bread, followed by a large cup of tea with 4 small portions of sweets

I found myself yearning to stuff more food in my my mouth. The area of the mouth and the throat wanted stimulation… pause…

I yearned to experience different textures moving through those areas, different flavours too.

Stimulation, stimulation, stimulation!


I feel that my eating habits need restructuring, and my diet too…


Where does it go from here?


To be continued…




One thought on “Compulsion for more and more

  1. Eating makes my days a lot more tolerable, what would we do without food anyway, can you imagine how bored we would be as humans if we didnt need to eat, thank god for the simple things, am I right or what blogging people. We would love your thoughts on our new short story called Eaten an Eskimo, your feedback would be incredible and now I’m going to make some buttered popcorn

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