Who I am and why I’m here.

Task 1 of “Learning the fundamentals” course. Who I am and why I am here: Helllooooooooo! I am Mraches, Who am I? At the time of this blogs creation, being anonymous was vital if I was to start bloggin; anonymity was important due to my intention to write and post about things that I would not […]

Organised Religion

Originally posted on TheRealPeteLong:
A religion is an ideology or belief system that dictates or provides guidance on how an individual should live their life. I have been a devote Christian in the past, I saw the lies and contradictions of the religion and dropped it out, garnered an interest in Islam for a few…

Ignoring & Silence from teachers

Mentors in life can come from any direction, “when the student is ready a master appears”. We all have had them and continue to have them in our lives. A situation that I have been encountering and working with is when your mentor becomes quiet around you or ignores your existence. The specific situation I am referring […]


I am always hungry. At this stage/ moment/ phase of my life, a deep, profound desire to feast, a hunger of a bottomless pit that cannot be satisfied by food, permeates my existence.   Im not sure what can satiate this hunger.   It started on my birthday, 3 weeks ago…   I began running every day […]


I have a question, why are birthdays such a big deal event? Life’s broken down into years since our birth. We keep records of our life in increments of 365 days. It just doesn’t seem like a big deal for me to hear “on this day x years ago you were born”. It wasn’t really […]